Language courses

The Centre for Foreign Language Training provides courses in German as a foreign language and also courses in several other languages. Usually you have to register for the courses at the beginning of each semester. The service is provided free of charge. (English/German)


International Office

The International Office of the RUB offers several possibilities to get in contact with the German language, e.g. excursions, presentations and discussions, celebrations, international evenings... (English/German)


Tandem learning

Find a tandem partner for language learning. Learn German from a partner and teach him your mother language. (English/German/...)


Your stay at a guest family with Experiment e.V.

Experiment e.V. gives international students the possibility to live with a German guest family for 2-3 weeks either during the Christmas holidays (2 weeks), during the Eastern holidays (2-3 weeks) or during the summer holidays (2-3 weeks). You have to apply 6-8 weeks in advance. The offered places are limited. The service is free of charge.

Website of Experiment e.V.: (German)